Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Contest for a Brody Bracelet!

Well Two Moms in a Blog is moving soon and changing there name. They are going to be Chrysanthemoms . So they are having a contest. Brody Girl is there sponsor for this contest and is giving Two Moms a gold or silver 12 language bracelet. To enter go here and find out how to enter.
So now for my entry. You must describe yourself using there new name Chrysanthemoms so here I go.

C - Christian
H - Homebody
R - Reliable
Y - Young at heart
S - Smart
A - Angelic (yeah, right) :)
N - Nice
T - Teachable
H - Helpful
E - Eager to please
M - Mommy
O - Obsessed with scrapbooking
M - Married
S - Sweet

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