Monday, August 18, 2008

"Welcome to my Class" goodie bag idea

My son's teacher gave all of her students a "Welcome to her class goodie bag". I thought it was the cutest thing, so I thought I'd share. Here's what was in it:


Welcome to my 2nd grade class!
I am so glad you are here.
I have made you a bag of goodies
to help describe our year.
The eraser is to let you know
it is okay to make mistakes.
We will correct them and learn from them
no matter what it takes!
The "Smarties" say I know you are smart
and really special too.
The "Lifesavers" are to remind you
that I am here for you.
The pencil represents the learning
that we will do.
2nd grade can be very hard,
but it is a lot of fun too!
The "Snickers" says we will laugh a lot
while traveling through grade 2.
The penny is to let you know
how valuable you are, too!

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